Perhaps a bit buried amid the noise of the American Presidential election, that same night a number of significant initiatives were being voted on across the United States. One of them, California Proposition 37, would have required all genetically modified (GM) foods to carry a label. While in the end Prop 37 was defeated, it represents a significant moment for the future of the food industry.

While a narrow majority (53%-47%) voted against the measure, the bigger story may have instead been the extreme measures that a number of major corporations resorted to in order to prevent its passage. Many of the world’s largest food and beverage companies contributed to a massive $46-million media campaign to stop the proposition, including Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft and Coca-Cola. Even more interesting is that among the top-ten donors were the six biggest pesticide/herbicide companies in the world, led by an $8-million contribution from infamous multinational Monsanto.

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